Workplace Adjustments - creating a positive environment

Sensory sensitivities. Certainty and predictability.

Many neurodiverse staff members may be sensitive to light or sound (potentially the more disruptive senses in the workplace).

Understanding what that means can help you have a more informed and constructive conversation with your staff.

I know many managers and HR teams can be worried by what might be required to deal with these issues and how ‘significant’ they might be. That’s ok.

In this course I’ll walk you through how sensory sensitivities can impact staff at work. Any by the way - dealing with these sensory inputs can be beneficial for many of your other staff too.

We’ll then look at a range of often very simple, very cheap solutions - no need to fundamentally redesign the workplace!

Lastly, we’ll cover off some other situations within the workplace environment that can create anxiety, stress and impact productivity. And of course look at practical strategies to deal with those issues.

And at risk of sounding like a broken record - I can’t help myself :) - so many of these ‘issues’ will affect neurotypical staff too, maybe not to the same extent and perhaps they don’t mention it.

So what are the simple actions you could take to create a more productive workplace environment?


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