Neurodiverse Recruitment

Do you value creativity, innovation and dedication in your employees?

These are just some of the common characteristics in which neurodiverse people typically excel. Fulfilling diversity and inclusion goals is just one outcome from employing a more neurodiverse range of people.


Understanding the ways in which you can adapt your current hiring process to accommodate a broader spectrum of job candidates or even taking a very targeted approach can make the difference between success and failure.

From altered interviews to work trials, there is a range of strategies you could use to make what may seem challenging a lot easier to manage.

Creating a range of pathways into your organisation can also be a fast track to talent that you would otherwise lose to other employers or have filtered out in your normal recruitment process.

We’ve compiled a range of resources, guides and references that will inform and hopefully inspire you to have the confidence to take the next step towards harnessing the value that neurodiversity can bring to your organisation.


Understanding Neurodiversity - the what, why and how


If you’d like to understand more about neurodiversity or how you might get started on tapping into this talent pool, reach out and let’s have a chat.