Run Better Interviews

for Neurodiverse Candidates

If you’ve ever had an interview with someone that just threw you.

They presented themselves in a way that you struggled to connect with.

And you passed them over, is it possible they were neurodiverse?

A common concern people raise when first starting to hire autistic or dyslexic candidates for example is how to run the interview.

Understanding how someone may present themselves and how you can get to see the ‘best them’ under the circumstances is going to help your hiring decision.

In this course we’ll cover:

  • The key barriers in interviews

  • What to look out for in an interview

  • Strategies to make your interviews more effective

There’s going to be some takeaways here that will help you in any interview. Better interviews that suit neurodiverse people, will be better for everyone too.



This course is for those people who are involved in the recruitment of new candidates, particularly those who interview people, who:

  • Want to be able to better support a broader range of potential candidates

  • Are genuinely interested in engaging neurodiverse staff

  • Aren’t sure how to ‘adjust’ an interview for neurodiverse candidates, such as those on the autism spectrum


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