Breaking down tasks and giving instructions - a fail safe formula

Learn a tried and true approach to delegating work that will improve communication, reduce rework and anxiety and help keep staff focused on delivering what’s required, on time.

Don’t let confusion or misunderstanding continue to create rework or failed outcomes for your team any longer!

For many neurodiverse people (and many neurotypical or non-neurodiverse people) the instructions they ‘hear’ are not always what a manager had intended to ‘say’.

Neither side is wrong. Language and interpretation of expectations can be trickier than you might think.

Now if you’ve never set a task for a staff member and had an issue with the delivery. Maybe a very different outcome or product produced. Late completion or missed part of what was required.

Then this masterclass isn’t for you. But hey - well done! You’re doing a great job!

If however, you’ve ever experienced:

  • A team member unclear or unsure of what was required of them

  • Work that you have assigned not being completed as expected (or not at all)

Then this course may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have neurodiverse staff and want to ensure you’re getting the best out of them every day. Then go no further!

I’ll walk you through a clear, systematic approach to allocating work. Breaking down the communication of expectations in a way that will encourage you to be clear on what’s required as much as your team member.


Does this sound like something that you could benefit from when managing your team?

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