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Making Neurodiversity Recruitment Simple

Our mission is to make the recruitment and retention of neurodiverse employees both simple and cost effective for any employer.

With the rising need to meet the challenges of innovation, creativity and productivity - existing talent strategies can benefit substantially from including a more diverse range of people.

Autistic, dyslexic and ADHD employees are well placed to create value and support your talent needs - we believe our role is to help you to make the most of this talent pool that is right on your door step.

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With a focus on educating and empowering employers. If you’re in HR, Diversity & Inclusion or hire people daily, weekly or just every now and then - you’ll learn something new!

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From internships and graduate programs to individual or multi person hiring needs, we’ve got you covered. Specialising in Accounting/Finance, Engineering and IT roles.


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If you identify as being neurodiverse and are interested in work experience, internship or job search support then we are here to help you!