Coaching for Neurodiverse Job Seekers & Employees


Do you identify as being Autistic or having Aspergers or otherwise on the autism spectrum? Perhaps you are Dyslexic or have ADHD?

Are you looking for work and not sure how to proceed, what your true strengths are and the value you can bring to an employer?

Have you ever felt like you just don't know how to move forward with a particular challenge or problem in front of you? Faced with a situation you're just not sure how to navigate?

Have you got a goal with no view of the path to get there?

Partnering with a coach - and for me 'partnering' is key - is an effective way to get the solutions and answers you need.  We all inherently have the ability to solve our own questions and challenges, even if that just means finding the right person, tool or approach that will get us a step closer.

What so many of us struggle with is finding the time to get into the headspace and knowing how best to think through the challenge before us.

As your coach I'll guide you through the thinking process to get your feet on that path.  I'll  also help you gain the clarity of what that goal really is and to understand what the path might look like.

Having trouble sticking to a plan? I'll check in, prompt, remind and ultimately hold you accountable to walking your own path! That's my view of partnership, your success is my success and I'm here to support you throughout.

Photo by  Kees Streefkerk  on  Unsplash
Photo by  Charles Deluvio  on  Unsplash

I provide hourly coaching sessions via video call or telephone - I want to be able to reach as many people as possible and find that being able to talk with you when you're somewhere  familiar and comfortable is just really effective.  I also support clients across multiple time zones, finding a time that works is always possible!

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